Testimonials from Past Trainees

"Doing online supplier demos is NOT enough. This course offers more than just learning how to use these technology platforms. It teaches you the essentials of moderating online.  You learn how to build the right type of guide, how to use the platforms' tools, how to adjust your moderating style for online research, and how to handle/probe participants to gain powerful insights."

"Learn from the masters! Jeff and Casey share their vast knowledge and years of experiences in this 'hands on' class. They promote real world learning with the use of real participants while also providing the safety net needed to ensure a successful learning experience. And they make it fun!"

Take it, take it, take it! It will provide you with more skills, and you will have a great new way to promote yourself to clients. There is no way you can do a bulletin board or online focus group without taking this course first."

"Jeff and Casey presented plenty of learning opportunities so we could (a) understand and (b) apply/practice what we learned in a real-world online setting.  Throughout the training, their feedback, tips, and suggestions to both individual students and the group of learners was invaluable!"

"Excellent! Well organized, challenging with superior support, qualified instructors, ALWAYS available and patient, flexible with scheduling."

"Get your feet wet. Learn about some great vendors and the functionality their platforms have to offer. Become better able to discuss the pros and cons of online vs offline research, and the nuances of different online methodologies, with your clients."

"In 2015 I took an Online Moderator Training Institute class, and was inspired. Online is a methodology I now use regularly, and I was able to get a strong foundation from their class. Jeff and Casey leverage technical instruction with their many years of moderating experience, so you leave feeling prepared to take it to the next level."

"I walked into the course with my learning hat on and my sleeves rolled up and I am pleased to say that my hat was blown off and I tore off my sleeve. ;) Great class!"