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Casey Sweet

Casey Sweet is the principal of Quesst Qualitative Research, a Brooklyn-based qualitative research firm. She has over 20 years experience in marketing spanning qualitative research, new product development, sales, and direct response marketing in a wide array of industries and categories. She has focused exclusively on qualitative research for the past ten years and created Quesst in 1994. She conducts focus groups and in-depth interviews " online and in-person" with equal enthusiasm and expertise.

As one of the thought leaders in the exploration and design of online focus group and online bulletin board research since 1998 she feels the possibilities for uncovering qualitative insights online are just beginning to emerge with these new cutting edge tools. She has written articles on the online qualitative research methodology for various professional magazines including Quirk's Marketing Research, Qualitative Market Research: An International Journal, Court Call, and MRA Alert! and given presentations at QRCA, AMA, and MRA conferences and chapters.

The types of projects Casey has successfully conducted online with a wide variety of industries and audiences (B2B and consumer) include website development and evaluation, website redesign/relaunch, ecommerce evaluations, new product development and evaluation, decision-making evaluation, image and concept development/evaluation, communications evaluation, package and product testing, name evaluation, positioning/repositions, and customer satisfaction.

She is very active in the Qualitative Research Consultants Association as an ex-Board and Executive Committee Member, Chair of the Online Qualitative Research Task Force, past Conference Chair (2 years), and Ex-Chair of Membership Committee and present member. Additionally, she is a member of the American Marketing Association.

Casey holds an MBA from Northeastern University (Marketing and Finance), a BS (Accounting) from New Hampshire College, and is certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming. She has been an online trainer for the past two years having created the first online bulletin board training with

Jeff Walkowski

Jeff Walkowski is the principal of Inc., a Minneapolis-based consulting firm providing traditional and internet-based qualitative research services to Fortune 500 companies such as Motorola, Quaker, IBM, Procter& Gamble, and He was schooled as a quantitative specialist and entered the industry in the 1980s as a statistician, but he discovered his natural talents as a moderator and gradually evolved into a qualitative specialist.

Jeff’s specialty is online qualitative. He has moderated over 700 online sessions (real-time chats and multi-day message boards); he has spoken about online qualitative research at conferences in North America, Europe, and Asia; and he has published articles on the subject. Jeff co-chaired the Qualitative Research Consultants Association’s Online Qualitative Research Task Force in the early 2000s, co-edited Qualitative Research Online (Research Publishers LLC, 2004), and is co-founder (with Casey Sweet) of the Online Moderator Training Institute.

Jeff is a firm believer in using tools best suited to particular situations. Thus, he is equally adept at conducting research in person, by phone, or over the Internet. Thriving on variety, he is just as comfortable conducting in-depth interviews, mini-groups, and focus groups. His work tends to be split between consumer and business-to-business projects.

Cultivating a global perspective on marketing and marketing research, Jeff has provided on-site supervision of international research projects in London, Paris, Rome, Milan Hamburg, Moscow, Mumbai (Bombay), Bangkok, Shanghai, Beijing, and Tokyo.

Jeff holds an MBA from Southern Methodist University, and an MS (Educational Research) and BA (Psychology) from Southern Connecticut State University. He is a RIVA Trainer, and is an active member of the American Marketing Association and the Qualitative Research Consultants Association.